Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe

In 1979, giants fossils belonging to unknown creatures are found in the mountains near Mongolian border, along with the perfectly preserved remains of a human form thousands of years ago. An government-funded excavation endeavor is initiated, led by Professor Yang. Among the workers is Hu Bayi, a young soldier who in love with the Professor's beautiful daughter Ping. When a freak explosion collapses the excavated tunnels, the Professor asks for volunteers to venture with him and his daughter in the mountain and find a new passageway. Hu and a few others step forward, and soon the small group is trekking through the mountain's treacherous bowels. After the group is decimated by strange, lethal bats, the survivors fall into a precipice, only to wake up at the bottom, miraculously alive. And while looking for a way out, they discover a mysterious cyclopean temple which - as it soon becomes apparent - the Professor had been actively looking for.

Tribes and Empires

In the ancient times, 6th Prince Mu Yun Sheng (Huang Xuan) was born. Because his mom is a demon, he is not loved by the Emperor, and lives in seclusion and loneliness. He happens to obtain an antique painting of a spirit demon and befriends the little trapped being. Both promise to escape to the world’s most beautiful place. Mu Ru Han Jiang (Shawn Dou), son of a general, is elected to be the prince’s friend since he was young. Their peaceful days end when the eight tribes rebel. Mu Ru army fails to protect the royal family and is then exiled, breaking the friendship formed between the two families – Mu Yun and Mu Run. A few years later, a new rebellion threatens the royal family and this time, adult Mu Ru Han Jiang is the only one capable of protecting them. Pain and sorrows of past wounds now manifest in the new generation.

The Great Wall

William, a mercenary from Europe, together with his companions, travelled thousands of miles to China in the Northern Song Dynasty to steal the formular of gunpowder, but accidentally ran into a mysterious strategic city (Guancheng) along the Great Wall , where he witnessed a strong secret army and encountered the female general Mei Lin. Having realized the crisis facing human beings, William made up his mind to work with the secret army to fight the monster to death.

Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

It is adapted from Tangqigongzi's novel of the same title. It tells a love story between Yehua, the prince of the Divine and Susu, a mundane woman. After Susu's pregnancy, Yehua took her to the Heaven. Unfortunately, Susu got set up. Soon after she gave birth to the child she jumped off Zhuxian Terrace (a place where gods lose their divinity and ordinary humans, their body and soul). Instead of perishing, she then restored her dignity as a goddess. The moment they encountered under the peach blossoms, they were destined to experience love that defies the limits of heaven and earth. A quote from Ten Thousand Miles Blossom of Three Life: Die if you dare, I will go right now to Zheyan (a god) for a potion that kills my memory of you, all of you."" He trembled. After a while he struggled to forge a smile on his face and said: Well, that is good for us."" This was the last thing he said to me in this life: That is good for us. Three hundred years ago when she jumped off Zhuxian Terrace without hesitation, he was looking at her with his own eyes on the other side of the Mirror (a mirror where you can see the person and the surroundings even when you are miles away), separated by life and death. There will be no woman like her in this mundane world. Prince Yehua from the Heaven was nothing but a dream, with endless bitterness and a slight of sweetness like the peach blossom. A beautiful dream as it is, she will eventually wake up, with everything broken in pieces. She took the potion and forgot this love forever. Three hundred years later, they met unexpectedly in the Longgong (palace for dragon kings). A new life and a second encounter with this heartless man, she stayed as calm as the surface of the sea, failing to comprehend why he gently rubbed her eyes with his freezing hands. Three lives three worlds, will she and he promise each other an eternity?

Bleeding Steel

Chan stars as a hardened special forces agent who fights to protect a young woman from a sinister criminal gang. At the same time he with feels a special connection to the young woman, like they met in a different life

The Three-Body Problem: I

A nanomaterials expert sees a mysterious countdown superimposed in his field of vision and finds himself under military investigation. To unravel the mystery, he enters the VR game "Three Body" developed by a secret organization ETO, and discovers the truth behind the deaths of dozens of scientists and a tragedy from the days of the Cultural Revolution.

The Disguiser

The story was set in the key stage in Anti-Japanese War. Wang’ s puppet government betrayed our country and surrender to the enemy, which made people and country on the verge of death and destruction. Ming Jing, the chairman of Shanghai Ming’ s Enterprise, cast by Liu Mintao was upright and aid the the Communist Party financially and secretly. Her younger brother Ming Lou, cast by Jin Dong, acted as an agent in Army Control and was secret in his movements. Their younger brother Ming Tai, cast by Hu Ge, was better educated and was uninterested in politics originally. However, he was kidnapped and canvassed by an Army Control dignitary Wang Tianfeng when flying to Hong Kong. He had no choice but to accept training secretly and finally become an agent assigned by Army Control in Shanghai station. In the following action, he cooperated several times with Chen Jinyun cast by Wang Lejun, who was in the eliminating traitors group of the Communist Party. They grew feelings and trust during the actions.The domestic tension always changing, the two young person were face with more severe test.......

Changan twelve hour

The novel is set in the capital Chang’ an in the Lantern Festival in the third Tianbao years of Tang Dynasty. In the bustling and thriving sights of such a city, a group of Turkic invaders secretly sneaked in the city to brew a plot to destroy the city. Only a convict sentenced to death could save the city in a time limit of 12 hours.

Pipilu And Luxixi

There have been many wired things happened in Pi PiLu’ s home. The story began from that an invisible doctor who was the descendant of Pi PiLu was sent to Pi Pilu’ s home and hid in a secret room 309 writing an essay on ancient human behavior. Pi PiLu and Lu Xixi got many future artifacts in room 309, while these artifacts made the family in many trouble and could seldom help the family save problems. The family always concealed the identity of the invisible doctor, hoping he can help them to pass the college entrance examination in the future. During the growth of Pi PiLu and Lu Xixi, the doctor understood the true meaning of love in ancient families. Finally when the doctor finished his task and was going to leave the 21centry, in order to save Pi PiLu and Lu Xixi, he transfused his own blood into their body and he turned into bubbles. Pi PiLu and Lu Xixi have been integrated with the doctor and their magical power have been completely aroused and recognized their mission...

My Little Cloud

The interesting story started when Ali met a small cloud which could not fly high. When the small cloud grew gradually, Ali could only choose to send the small cloud back to his own hometown......

Toys Graveyard

Not ghost, not specter, the mysterious figure slip into your room secretly was......

The Can

Lazy workers sit at the assembly line in a canning factory in the remote suburbs, and doze off with the rhythmic but boring machine noise. Suddenly, what seemed to disturb him, he got up and found that a canned on the assembly line was stolen. Next, the film around the protagonist "theft" of the first perspective, he walked into the town, all the people to see him are frightened, running away, in addition to waiting for the bus the little girl had a good impression on him , Other people's faces or panic, or disgusted, or contempt, or embarrassment, no agreement. The bus staggered to the downtown area, he went off to a grand dinner, where he will jump with a favorite object to write a dance with life ... ...


J has a secret identity, he consists of 37.5% artificial intelligence, every time when his “robotic” qualities take over his “human” nature, J erases his memory of being partly Android. J is also the leader of Team Chameleons – a group of four Grey Hat hackers: G is a gifted mechanical engineer, Q excels in people skills and F is a human calculator. Together, they are a group of geniuses with high IQ but low emotional intelligence. They connect to people by hacking them. In a mission related to the mysterious legend hacker K, the team traces a biologist and discovers a publicly-traded pharmaceutical company is researching and testing deadly viruses from Area 51. This opens the doors to all kinds of trouble — for the team, for the public and for other unseen hands… .

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