Mr. Sam Gao, a Chinese sculptor working for Weta visited Polarisworkshop

Polarisworkshop News 2016-04-05

Mr. Sam Gao (left) and Mr. Fan He (right, founder of the Polarisworkshop)
A Profile of Mr. Sam Gao Nickname: Tanxibilei Graduated from: Beijing Film Academy Used to work for: OE moveable toys and Mona Models as supervisor of production development. Currently working for: Weta Workshop (based in New Zealand) as senior sculptor and conceptual designer, business supervisor of Weta Workshop in China An Overview of Weta Digital Weta Digital is one of the world’s premier visual effects companies based in Wellington, capital city of New Zealand. It was co-founded in 1993 by Peter Jackson, a director from New Zealand, and his good friends Richard Taylor and Jamie Selkirk. Weta Digital won the Oscar Award for Visual Effects five times. The visual effects in the films we are familiar with are from Weta, such as Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, Avatar and etc. Weta Digital is making an effort in expanding its market promotion and has been doing business with many Chinese companies. This company has experience in receiving foreign politicians. Prince Charles and crown prince of Brunei have paid visits to this workshop.

Mr. Sam Gao shared with us the projects he was involved in Weta Workshop, the process of making sculptures and interesting work stories. He also shared advanced procedures of Weta's making sculptures and experiences in painting different molds. Mr. Sam Gao also told us about his hard work, his internship, his recognition by Weta, his success in gaining a long-term work permit and eventually a professional sculptor of Weta Workshop. He then shared the internal corporate culture of Weta Workshop and told us that he received much help from his colleagues during his internship in Weta Workshop. The Works by Mr. Sam Gao that are exhibited publicly are as follow:
Weta & the official sculpture of the film World of Warcraft. Mr. Sam Gao was responsible for carving the head and the hand.

Later they brought up the topic of current state and future development of Chinese film projects, with a consensus that China's film Industry is developing well. Weta Workshop has also been cooperating with a number of Chinese film projects. There is huge need for making professional films in China, and they hope there will be more excellent workshops in China.

(All these three above graduated from Beijing Film Academy)
Mr. Sam Gao's share this time is more than communication within film industry, but also a get-together of alumnus after a long separation, sharing each other's progress in this industry and contributing to making better Chinese films.

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